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Death has no Sorrow

Small Town Romance

One afternoon while staring out the window, a short story had come to mind.  At first, I titled it, "Patches" but as the story progressed, it became obvious that "Cornbread and Biscuits would be more suiting.  I finished the rough draft and shelved it to continue writing my "Wes and Oz Mysteries". 

After I completed their latest adventure, "Death has no Sorrow" I happened to open the manuscript for "Cornbread and Biscuit".  Now was the time to finish what had started out as a short story, so I sent copies to a few of my Wes and Oz followers and asked for their opinions. Their encouragement and positive feedback made me want to finish what I had started.  For now, Wes and Oz will return after I complete and publish what might be the first of many in my new series titled.

 "Small Town Romance"

   S.B. Biddinger

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