Wes and Oz Mystery Book "4"

During it's construction period I'll post an update on the first of each month so you will be able to follow the progress as their next mystery comes to life.

Currently Under Construction

Author's Log:

May 2022: Good news, I'm starting the clean-up process as the storyline is a good one. This will take a couple of months and my current plans will be to release "The Chrome Canyon Killer" around the first of November. Also, with my grand- daughter's help, we have designed a cover that I feel will create some excitement. Keep checking back for continued updates. 

August 2022: Progress is coming along nicely and I hope to have my final draft sent off to my proofreader by the end of October.  I feel you are going to enjoy their latest adventure as it is filled with many twists and turns.  More information to follow.  

Chrome 8 Cover.jpg