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Brisk winds moved through the valley loosening the red, yellow, and orange leaves from the trees.  No sooner had he stepped outside, and chills raced throughout his body.  With only two classic car events left before the season ends, tonight’s gala was the year's highlight.    

Wesley Johns, a private fraud investigator resided in the capital city of Idaho with his loving wife, Marti, and their two four-legged children, Oz and Annie.  With Old Man winter around the corner, he hurried to close as many cases as he could before the potential suspects locked themselves in the warm confines of their homes making it almost impossible to gather any evidence on them.   

The roar of the Bird’s engine came to life vibrating the garage walls as soon as he turned the ignition key.  With his bride by his side, they were ready to put behind the horror of Wes’s latest near-death adventure and celebrate with their friends.  Laughter, music, and screams of Halloween terror echoed throughout the large hall.  People were dressed in costumes as they tried to relive their youth.  As the evening’s merriment continued, Wes had an uneasy feeling that the night was not going to end well.  As the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and a slight chill raced throughout his body, he realized from previous experiences that it was not good.

As soon as he heard the following: “Elv, Elv, Elv…” he knew those utterances would haunt him for the rest of his life.  From the moment, Detective Miller walked into the building Wes knew he would be drawn into another dangerous case where the valley’s infamous crime-solving duo again would be called upon.  With Oz, his eighty-plus-pound four-legged partner by his side, they entered a world where people hid behind their masks not wanting to expose their deepest secrets and twisted love affairs.  Wes and Oz would have to outmaneuver a devious and cunning killer if they wanted to escape. 


Nevertheless, to do this and come out unscathed, Wes would have to outsmart his nemesis, Christopher Andrew Leggett notoriously known for putting Wes in precarious situations.    

Check out Wes and Oz's first four exciting mysteries.

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