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Welcome to Daylight Savings

I am hoping we are close to seeing the end of Old Man Winter. I wanted to keep you updated on the process of "A Mechanic's Worst Nightmare." Donna has just about completed the next proof editing. In April, I will be passing it along to my last proof reader before releasing it out to everyone. Also "Lug Nuts, Trophies and Murder" is currently in it's second proof reading and on target for the first of next year. I have not been sitting around waiting for them to come back to me, I have been busy working on another "Wes and Oz Mystery". It is still in the rough draft stages, my beautiful wife who has helped me with the story came up with the perfect title, "Murder at the Rust Bucket Ranch", I think you are going to like. Well off to projects and maybe some writing this afternoon, Happy Daylight Savings.



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