Welcome to 2121

This is an exciting time for the Wes and Oz Mysteries series. Currently I have been working on their next adventure "Lug Nuts, Trophies and Murder". I am excited to say with the help of some great proof readers it is still on track to be released this year.

Thanks to my good friend Donna who had spent hours transcribing my chicken tracks for the fourth adventure onto word I will soon be starting the first rewrite. At this time the title is still a work in progress, "Evil Doings at The Rust Bucket Ranch". Naomi an incredible graphic artist, she has been working on an amazing looking cover. I will be posting various copies on my website and Facebook asking for your opinion.

One of my resolutions for 2021 is to be better at keeping updating my Blog. Have a great start to the new year.

Take care and stay safe.

Stephen Biddinger

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