Letter from a Wes and Oz Fan

I received this email the other day and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated someone had taken their time to let me know how much they have enjoyed reading about Wes and Oz. Thank-you.

Subject: Book 1 & 2

Message: I just finished A Mechanics Worst Nightmare and absolutely loved it! I love the humor. Cracks me up! I want to say something about what really made me laugh in this one but in case someone is here to see whether the book is worth reading I can say yes it is, but I can't say what made me laugh, more than once. I am not very good at digging deep when it comes to murder mystery. I really really like the way the books are written. I can hardly wait for book 3, of which I did order. I grabbed a couple other books to start to read but the whole time I'm going gosh how much longer before Book 3 is here? The funny thing is I have never really been a murder mystery kind of person, until now. Thank you so much! I can't wait for book 3!

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