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  Wes and Oz are at it again in their latest crime solving mystery

      “Two + One = Murder”

Looking out through his patio window Wes noticed summer was coming to an end.  The leaves were showing off their fall colors.  This past week Wes had put in the extra hours needed to close out another case for the State Workman’s Insurance Department.  His investigative work paid off and once he turned over his findings to the state, they would have no problem proving this suspect had committed fraud.   

Today he planned to relax as he and his eighty pound tri-color smooth coat collie, Oz, were attending a coveted car show in the valley.  Each year in the fall the local GMC Jimmy Club hosted what was the last big car show of the summer where everyone got together to show off their pride and joys before storing them away for the winter.  What made this show so special were the trophies.  They weren’t your run of the mill cheap plastic put together ones.  A member of the GMC Jimmy Club and a metalsmith handcrafted this year’s trophies.  Classic car enthusiasts came from all over the valley and neighboring states with hopes of leaving the show with one.  It had always been a dream of Wes to add one of these special trophies to his trophy case.  Then he would have two.  This year Wes went all out and had his 1958 Ford Thunderbird which he had nicknamed the “Bird” detailed by a professional.   

He turned the ignition key and the engine came to life, it's deep rumble shook the garage walls. No car show adventure would be complete without first stopping by Betty’s “Whole Bakery Experience” to stock up on some of her fried deliciousness especially her apple fritters.  Betty’s had become a good place for the rest of his classic car group buddies to meet before caravanning to the show.  Little did Wes know that by the end of the day he would be called upon again to investigate a murder at the park.  This time however, it would be personal.  He would have to save one of his buddies from the clutches of a young D.A who was out to prove himself.  Wes knew it would be a race against time as Detective Miller, a friend from his university days, would have collected enough evidence to lock his friend away for life.

As each day passed time was running out for Wes to bring the real killer to justice.  With the blessing from Marti, the love of his life, and with Oz by his side for protection he must follow a trail of embezzlement, twisted love affairs and the usual back stabbing club politics.        

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