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This is a slice of life with a mystery included. Set against the backdrop of car shows a claims Investigator and his four-footed sidekick search for who murdered a friend while tracking down insurance fraud. This is a relaxing enjoyable read and at the end you’ll find yourself wanting to check out car shows.

L. Meeds

We all have our favorite authors, the tried and true. But once in a while we step out of our comfort zone and find a new plot, a new twist, a new best character. I did and found Wes & Oz. A solid story with surprises along the way. Characters who are fictional but are they really? They could be your neighbors. Take some quiet time and enjoy! I know you won’t be disappointed, I wasn't……and there may be more to come?!

I really love the dog characters, Annie and Oz. Wes and his lady are fun also. Good read. I am a lover of old cars and car shows go T-Birds!!!! I will buy the next one.


Death of a Trailer Queen was an enjoyable mystery about Wes and his sidekick Oz. Wes, an insurance claims adjuster by day, lover of old cars and devoted husband to wife Marti, finds himself involved in solving the murder of his good friend Ed. The characters come alive and you feel like you are just one of the guys. Oz is Wes’s devoted dog and best friend who has his back in any questionable situation. I recommend this book and look forward to future adventures with Wes and Oz.

J. McCaw

GREAT book, easy reader but always a twist, kept me fully enterteained.  Looking  forward to your next adventure.

Al. B.

It was a warm summer Saturday when Wes and his buddy Oz, a smooth coat collie, got ready for a day at the park. They were looking forward to checking out the vintage made American classic cars at the show and visiting with their friends. Little did he know by the end of the day his world would be turned upside down. His friend would have been murdered. Wes was a private investigator for the state and various insurance companies uncovering workman’s comp fraud. Over the years he had used keen observation skills, a camera from afar and a lot of patience to catch those perpetrators. However, he had never investigated a murder but this was his friend and he knew he had to find the killer. The more he uncovered the more danger he was in knowing that anyone on his list could be or was the killer.

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Wes and Oz First Mystery

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