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Wes and Oz Fourth Mystery

Another brilliant installment in the Wes & Oz adventures.  A captivating story, enchanting characters and a mystery that keeps you on your toes till the end.  One of the best books I have read in 2022. 
Mandy @ The Reading Diaries

It had been a long and harsh winter.  Wes had been so looking forward to spring and the much warmer weather. Not only with the rebirth of the trees and flowers but was Wes’s promise to Marti, the love of his life, to not stray from his Workman’s Comp Fraud investigations as he had in the past.  As far as Wes was concerned, it was a new year and a new leaf and there were plenty of fraud cases on the top shelf of his desk to keep him busy.

 To complicate both Wes and Marti’s lives, Christopher Andrew Legget showed up one day and insisted he had the skills, the knowledge, and where with all to become Wes’ newest investigating collaborator, not that Wes wanted or needed one.  From the beginning, Christopher Andrew Legget did nothing but hampered as well as become a nuisance during Wes’ investigations.    

Finally, the perfect spring Saturday of the year had arrived and it was time to bring life to “The Bird”.  Neither Wes nor Oz, his four-legged friend knew by the end of the day the sequence of events was about to unfold and their worlds would start to unravel.  Once again, they must come to the rescue of a friend.    

Time was of the essence as danger lurked close by.  Suspects were willing to kill just to keep their secrets from being exposed.  Wes must go undercover in a world of unfamiliarity to flush out the true killer(s).  With each passing day, it becomes more perilous as he risks his life to save a friend.  Wes was not alone, thank goodness, as Oz would be close by to make sure nothing happened to his meal ticket.   

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