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I received this email the other day and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated someone had taken their time to let me know how much they have enjoyed reading about Wes and Oz. Thank-you.

Subject: Book 1 & 2

Message: I just finished A Mechanics Worst Nightmare and absolutely loved it! I love the humor. Cracks me up! I want to say something about what really made me laugh in this one but in case someone is here to see whether the book is worth reading I can say yes it is, but I can't say what made me laugh, more than once. I am not very good at digging deep when it comes to murder mystery. I really really like the way the books are written. I can hardly wait for book 3, of which I did order. I grabbed a couple other books to start to read but the whole time I'm going gosh how much longer before Book 3 is here? The funny thing is I have never really been a murder mystery kind of person, until now. Thank you so much! I can't wait for book 3!

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How exciting to find out Wes and Oz Mysteries have grown over the past month with sales in Europe. I'm honored and thrilled at the success and all the heartfelt compliments I have received. Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy their next adventure coming out the first of November, 2022

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Exciting news, Wes and Oz will return in their fourth adventure. I'm putting the finishing touch on the first rough draft. I'm sure if you are a Wes and Oz fan or not you are going to like it. With this book I am going to post monthly updated on my website of the progress.

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