Stephen B.

I currently reside in Boise, Idaho with my wife Robin and Oz, my smooth collie. Years ago I read a series of books written by Earl Emerson and I

was inspired to pick up a pen and try my hand at writing my first mystery. It was

titled “Who Killed Sonny Hansen.” It was about a detective and his dog solving

mysteries and murders. I had finished a very rough draft when my life took an

unexpected turn of events. It wasn’t until December of 2017 I came across the

old manuscript buried in the back of a closet. I read the first couple of chapters

and convinced myself I could do better. I began writing a whole new mystery with

all new characters for the fun of it and before I knew it I had written my first

Wes and Oz Mystery, “Death of a Trailer Queen.”

Fortunately, I’m a very early riser and you will find me typing away in my office

before the sun crests the mountains. As I peck away on my keyboard I’m joined by

both Ozzie and Lilly. They keep me company, give me inspiration, and stay by my

side until it’s time for me to get ready for my real job.

I have always had a strong love of my four-legged friends and have had dogs most

of my life. In my first mystery from many years ago, Shilo, my Shepard mix was

my inspiration and the hero of the story. This time around it was only natural

having Ozzie as one of the main characters in the series and Lilly coming to life

under the alias of Annabelle. Yes, I did say series. I am currently working on a

second mystery titled, “A Mechanic’s Worst Nightmare”.

I am very appreciative of the strong, supportive network I have had throughout my

writing experience. They have provided me with encouragement and positive

feedback helping to bring the series to life and share with you.

I hope you will enjoy reading about the adventures of Wes and Oz and let these

light-hearted characters help you escape the day to day pressures we face.


My Interest

Thunderbirds:  I fell in love with the car when our neighbor came home with their new 1964 Ford Thunderbird.  My first purchase was a 1965 model.  Since then I have owned a 1963, 1964 and 1968 Thunderbirds.  My favorite was the "1963 Bullet Bird" which I call "The Lady"  We love cruising the back roads of Idaho in her.    


Trains:  My first train ride was on the "James Whitcomb Riley in Indiana.  Since then I have ridden on 28 additional railroads.  My favorite adventure was being the engineer on the Northern Nevada Railroad.   


Cheese:  When I retired from the gas company I was looking for something to keep my busy.  While visiting Colorado Springs I came across a shop with Cheese making supplies.  Since I love trying all different kinds of cheese I decided to give it a try.  Believe it or not I find it to be very relaxing. Over the years I have made many different varieties from soft to hard cheeses.  My favorites are Cheddar and Jack.     


Milk Bottles:  The love of my life enjoys visiting Antique Establishments.  She always wants me to join her and that's when I became interested in vintage milk bottles.  I find their history and art work faseinating.   Currently my collections is over a 100 quart and school bottles.  I enjoy researching the dairies history.  My goal is to collect the Idaho dairies.  My collection is not limited to Idaho.  I currently have bottles from 39 states, Canada, Mexico and England.