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Wes and Oz Second Mystery

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Reader Comments

"This book is hard to put down because Wes is a State Insurance Fraud investigator he always seems to find a dead body.  Wes just can't let it go and there is always suspense around every twist and turn in the investigation.  Best of all there is a surprise ending." Donna E.

"A Mechanic's Worst Nightmare contains a cast of lovable characters and stunning plot that will keep readers on their toes."  Lyric F. 

Our favorite crime solving duo Wes and Oz are called upon to solve another mystery.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Wes with his four legged buddy Oz, were headed to a car show at the Old Penitentiary.  Wes turned the key to his ‘58 Thunderbird nicknamed “The Bird” and the engine roared to life spewing a large black cloud of smoke out the exhaust.  There were a few panic moments wondering if they would even make the show as the engine coughed, sputtered and almost died.   Willy, Wes’s mechanic who knew every nut and bolt on the Bird was away on vacation with his wife.  Who could fix his classic?  One of his car group buddies, Jeff, recommended he take it to his mechanic at Muffin’s Automotive and Restoration Shop.  Barely making it home from the car show Wes, took Jeff’s suggestion and decided to give his mechanic a try. 

It had been a couple of days since taking the Bird in to be repaired.  Wes hadn’t heard a word on how the repair was going so he and Oz decided to pay them a visit and check on the progress.  When they arrived the bay doors were open and music blared out from the shop but there was no one around to help.  Wes spotted the Bird in the middle bay with its hood up and he looked at the engine.  Not being a mechanic he didn’t have a clue as to what they had done so far.  Suddenly, Oz started barking furiously at the old Studebaker parked in the last bay.  Wes knew that bark and the hairs on the back of his neck immediately stood up on end.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before checking out what Oz had discovered.  He screamed, “Holy crap, what have we gotten ourselves into again?”  While solving the murder of his car club buddy, Ed a couple of months ago he was almost killed himself.  He stood there frozen and panic filled his body. What he was going to say to Marti so she didn’t freak out?         

While trying to prove Muffin’s innocence he uncovers a tangled web of deceit, twisted romance and suspicious criminal activities.  With the approval from the love of his life, Marti, and with Oz by his side, what could go wrong?

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